From removing contaminants to shielding them out, there is a tile & grout restoration process to meet your needs. All SaniGLAZE® Processes begin with thorough cleaning and prep to ensure long-lasting protection from the coatings and shields that are applied.

SaniGLAZE® Offers the Most Options and Flexibility

Surface preparation is the foundation of all SaniGLAZE restorative bonding processes. Therefore, each SaniGLAZE process begins with a thorough emulsification and extraction of surface soils and embedded contaminants in addition to the removal of any previously applied seals or finishes. Surface prep is performed through a combination of mechanical and chemical steps using SaniGLAZE proprietary pre-prep and prep products. All SaniGLAZE products, whether pre-prep, prep, or coating products, are exclusively formulated and optimized for grout joints and/or tile surfaces.


EnduraGLAZESM is the flagship SaniGLAZE® Process. It provides an exceptionally high level of appearance and protection. Specially formulated grout overlay coatings can restore the natural color of the grout; when desired they can even change the color of the grout. Specially formulated shield coatings restore the original luster of old tile, while adding a full layer of extra protection to the entire surface.

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ChromaGLAZESM uses a very durable, pigmented coating to overlay the entire tile and grout surface. It colors both the tile and grout, creating a neat, unified look in the process.

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ChromaGLAZE+SM has all the benefits of ChromaGLAZE with an added clear coat for extra durability.

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VariGLAZESMis a multi product SaniGLAZE service that significantly changes the surface appearance. This includes coloring the entire surface and adding multi color SaniCHIPS™ to create an entirely new appearance similar to terrazzo. The chips are layered between two full layers of protection producing an extremely durable surface with a high COF rating to insure safety.

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GroutGLAZESM restores the grout joints to like-new condition and can even be used to change the color of the grout. Available in a variety of colors, our specially formulated grout overlay coating is applied to the grout lines. Once installed, this specialized coating eliminates porosity, repelling moisture to reduce odors and soiling.

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SurfaceGLAZESMcan restore the tile to like-new condition in most situations. A specially formulated shield coating is applied over the entire tile and grout surface. This specialized coating repels moisture and retards odors and soiling.

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XcelKLEENSM is a multi-step process that extracts dirt, contaminants and mineralized matter from tile and grout. In addition, it preps the surface for the installation of specialized SaniGLAZE® coatings and shields to provide long-lasting protection. When used as a stand-alone process, XcelKLEEN leaves your surfaces looking bright, clean and sanitized.

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