EnduraGLAZESM is a restorative bonding process utilizing two groups of coatings – one to overlay the grout and another to shield the entire surface. This process will restore the natural color and original luster of the tile in most cases. The grout joints will be restored to like-new condition; the color of the grout can be changed if desired. EnduraGLAZESM provides an exceptionally high level of appearance and protection.

Process Steps

Step 1: Clean and prep entire surface using SaniGLAZE’s XcelKLEENSM process to remove contaminants and to prepare tile and grout for application of SaniGLAZE® coatings.
Step 2: Install appropriate SaniGLAZE® protective coating over existing grout.
Step 3: Install appropriate SaniGLAZE® protective shield for entire surface.

Primary Products Used

The coatings specified for the EnduraGLAZESM Process depend on several factors. Your SaniGLAZE® service professional can advise you on which coatings are best. There are two groups of coatings:

Grout Coatings Group
  • SaniKOTE®: Opaque armor-like coating available in a wide variety of colors. It is formulated to form-fill, making it ideal for sanded and/or wide grout joints 3/16” or greater in width.
  • High Build Glazing Compound®: Opaque armor-like coating available in a wide variety of colors. Formulated to be more viscous, making it ideal for narrow and/or non-sanded grout joints that are 3/16” or less in width. Can be used to raise height of grout joints and to replace missing grout.
Surface Shield Group
  • Super Shield®: Durable, clear topical polymer coating suitable for a wide variety of tile types.
  • SaniTECH®: Urethane based coating formulated for heavy use and high maintenance areas.
  • SaniMAX®: Formulated from Xolite, a revolutionary polymer that is ultra-durable and very easy to clean.
  • SaniSEAL®: An exceptional penetrating sealer (impregnator) used for quarry, brick paver and Saltillo tile; and situations where a topical coating is not recommended.