XcelKLEENSM is a process for cleaning and prepping tile and grout surfaces for the installation of SaniGLAZE’s restorative and protective processes. A variety of chemicals formulated to safely emulsify and remove contaminants and existing coatings are used in this process. In some situations this process is used stand-alone. There are no protective coatings or shields used in this process.

Process Steps

Step 1: Emulsify contaminants and existing coatings or nishes.
Step 2: Extract emulsion.
Step 3: Rinse and neutralize surface.

Primary Products Used

  • Contaminant Remover®: A stripper, cleaning chemical for lighter-duty situations.
  • Gel Contaminant Remover®:A stripper, cleaning chemical for baseboards and walls.
  • Eradicate®: A stripper, cleaning chemical for heavy-duty situations.
  • StripTASTIC®: A stripper, cleaning chemical for extra heavy-duty situations.
  • Tile and Grout Prep®: A specially formulated, non- fuming low pH gel chemical used to clean and prep grout.

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